After voting, BlalaBlock will calculate the DAO's and every expert’s profit and loss. Next, the token pool will distribute the reward by user contributions of the last round.
There are three different kinds of reward and all of them are BLA tokens. BlablaBlock DAO will annually provide 3% of TVL and 15% of profit as rewards.

Fund Management Reward

Reward = (10% of Profit)
If you are voted to be a manager, you can manage the fund and earn the reward. The more profit you trade, the more rewards you will get.

Manager Validation Reward

Reward = (2% of TVL) + (5% of Profit)
If you vote for a manager and he/she makes profit, you can recieve some portion from the fund's profit.

Total Value Connected Reward

Reward = (1% of TVL)
BlablaBlock encourages users to connect exchanges as many as possible.