BlablaBlock is a Secondary Market Investment DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). We allow traders to collectively make investment decisions efficiently, powered by our application and tokenomics.
Investment DAO is like a mutual fund in Web3. Experts lead the DAO and make profit for all investors. However, in traditional investment DAOs, the voting process takes days to months and DAOs cannot have any quick trading movements. BlablaBlock breaks through the voting inefficiency and provides a brand new way to manage the DAO treasury easily. To participate in BlablaBlock DAO, users can buy BLA tokens and vote for managers you like. Consequently, the treasury of BlablaBlock DAO will copy experts' trades automatically.
With great trading decisions, DAO members will benefit by the growth of treasury value and token price. In addition, members who choose profitable experts can get talent hunting rewards. In return, experts can get trading rewards.
Last modified 2mo ago